5 Best Ways For You To Get New Skins For Free In PUBG Mobile

There are plenty of PUBG Mobile Skins for weapons and outfits in PUBG Mobile Download game. But do you know what it takes to get new skins for free? There are several ways you can follow if you want to unlock more weapon or outfit skins for yourself, which are all listed below in this PUBG Mobile Guide.

How to get new PUBG Mobile skins for free

Achievement rewards

Achievement Rewards

Achievement has become an interesting thing in PUBG Mobile game besides flare gun and night mode. You will get a lot of wonderful prizes, like weapon skins, BP, coupons, and other achievements when you complete the missions.

For some newbies, they have no ideas about the achievement rewards and where to find them. The short PUBG Mobile guide below here will help you out:

First of all, you must go to the mission section:

Mission section

In this mission section, you will see the achievement section on the right side. If you accomplish them, you will receive rewards.

Achievement rewards

The former achievement section was located in the file, however, in the recent PUBG Mobile updates, the location of the achievement section has been changed in order to help you find it easily. If you pay attention to it, you can accomplish all the milestones in the achievement to get matching outfits.

Crate unlocking

Crate unlocking

Although this is a paid method, you still should not be worried about it because you can always complete many missions in your achievement for free coupons. PUBG Mobile owns a wide range of crates, some are good but some are not.

Crate coupons

Crate coupons

There are many crate coupons you can find from the achievement, the unlocked crates, and the events. You usually see that they are always a complete ticket that can be ready to use and open or make sure you have enough 10/10 pieces to get crate coupons.

Royale Pass

Royale Pass

Much like crate unlocking mentioned above, Royale Pass is also a paid method, however, it will give you an option of completing a list for free, then you can get a new free skin for every season if you finish the common missions of Royale Pass, although they are less a bit, just simply drag and drop the list t find out what you can get and evaluate the progress to complete it. Keep in mind that all of them must be completed before the end of the season otherwise, the rewards will be reset.

Sending your friend a gift

Sending Your Friend A Gift

For this way, you will find it very handy and fast and you don’t have to use much effort to do, although it still charges, nevertheless, you will not be the one that pays for it, but the one you are about to ask for. Make sure you use the most pleasing words and show your friends the best attitude that you have so you can get the gift from them.

Taking part in an event

Taking Part in An Event

There are plenty of PUBG Mobile events created on YouTube and Facebook daily and weekly. Feel free to join them all to get new weapon skins, costumes, and if you are the winner of those events, you will even receive a free Royale Pass. Don’t be shy to find such events on channels like that! Feel free to engage them anytime you can and try to win big prizes!

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