A free guide to download PUBG Lite

How to download PUBG Lite game with a forgery ID and entertain yourself

PUBG Lite officially released Open Beta, convenient for every specific gamer to download from now on. PUBG Lite is also the new name of PUBG Project Thai, a plan to streamline the original PUBG on PC and help participants who own weak configuration still be able to experience that exciting Battle Royale product. Besides, PUBG Lite PC version will not ask you to spend a penny. It means that you do not need to pay to acquire a PUBG key as before. It is a great chance for the community in Asia. Are you willing to explore the true values of PUBG and conquer its leaderboard?

After limited testing, PUBG Lite developers announce that everybody can download and enjoy the journey without cost while it is gettable at the Beta phase. Unfortunately, it is not reserved for everyone throughout the world. Similar to the initial PUBG Project Thai, it is just accessible in Thailand. It causes persons from other regions to feel difficult to approach. Keep calm! You can search for the instruction to download and participate in PUBG Lite download for pc here.

Steps to download PUBG Lite

You will be given the way to gain the fake ID before playing PUBG Lite.

Step 1: It is essential for you to have PUBG Lite account creation on the homepage of PUBG or PUBG ID! To register an account, you can access at PUBG Lite account

After you confirm the email address from your Mailbox, you will be provided with a PUBG ID.

Step 2: So as to download the installation file for PUBG Lite for Windows 10 without effort, you are highly recommended to visit the link below.

At that place, you can choose to translate into English by using the tool of the browser or you can press the button on the screen.

When you have done, the file will be downloaded. Interact with the file afterward to set up Launcher of PUBG Lite.

Steps To Download PUBG Lite

Note! After you install, turn off Launcher of PUBG Lite PC and restart the computer. In addition, you do not carry out any activity related to the game once restarting.

Step 3: Download the Fake IP software so you can embark on downloading the main data of PUBG game download for pc. You can opt for various VPN software containing Thai server. Or, you can utilize SoftEther VPN and Plugin VPN Gate Client. Normally, you cannot pick the Thai server if you directly load from the homepage of SoftEther VPN or other pages because they will not offer the Plugin VPN Gate Client. Therefore, we will give you the link of two packs.

When you have already downloaded, remember to unzip a separate folder and select the following item.

Download The Fake IP software

In case you have finished, you will receive a screen like this:

Step 4: You can unbolt SoftEther VPN to find a software interface and click on VPN Gate Public VPN Relay Servers. When the window pops up, tick the blank box, hit Agree and OK.

From the list, you can look up servers involved in Thailand. It is interesting to check out their connections until you capture a suitable result.

Step 5: After opening the VPN successfully, click Launcher. You will log in with your PUBG ID. Next, you can immerse into the match and prove your possibilities in front of hundreds of enemies.

If you cannot get entry to Launcher, you do not forget to discover another server from the list that we have mentioned above, at Step 4. If you get any troubles, you can ask for the support of friends via PUBG Lite Facebook.

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