All about Victor Character in PUBG Mobile

Victor in PUBG Mobile

Play PUBG Mobile Victor free and you are able to interact with numerous exciting skills in-game. To learn much more about his capability and how to acquire him, you can follow the detail below.

From the current system, Victor is the man that players are interested in, especially after a trailer which has been launched recently.

If you have ever watched that clip, you can find that he looks like a mysterious hacker. In the video, he is trying to steal something and he seems to be ready to escape if getting spotted.

Victor in PUBG Mobile

How to obtain Victor in PUBG Mobile

It’s simple to master PUBG Mobile how to get Victor!

  • Firstly, you will log in PUBG Mobile game.
  • Then, head to Time Limited in the event menu.
  • Select It’s The Day to view everything about Victor.

Victor is introduced to everybody, in PUBG Mobile 0.14.0 update. If you download the version on your devices, you can see him in the Character store under the Workshop section. It is the second method to approach him.

Keep in mind that additions will own special abilities which cause them to be stronger or weaker than the rival!

How to obtain Victor in PUBG Mobile

PUBG Mobile Victor character’s ability

Fortunately, Victor in PUBG Download will be given a unique possibility that can cut the reloading time for SMGs in EvoGround (except Team Deathmatch). Further, it will not influence the Classic Mode. EvoGround is an amazing address including rooms like Infection, Zombie: Survive Till Dawn and Zombie: Darkest Night.

Note! Although Victor can be played in classic matches, his perk will not be in effect.

How to upgrade stats for PUBG Mobile Victor

How to upgrade stats for PUBG Mobile Victor

Victor arrives with 10 unlockable levels and contributes to the present collection of PUBG Mobile skins significantly. Each of them will offer another feature.

Specifically, you will gain the other voice messages when you hit Level 2. Meanwhile, Level 3 will boost his reload time more. Particularly, Level 10 will grant an MVP emote, Triumphant return.

It’s essential to apply PUBG Mobile tips and tricks for skilled survivors or beginners! Before he is leveled up, you should earn enough XP by using him. That XP can be bought, too.

How to possess skins with PUBG Mobile Victor

Aside from exclusive voice messages and emotes mentioned above, Victor will be equipped with many distinctive outfits. It’s not difficult for gamers to get PUBG Mobile skins or costumes of Victor.

Travel throughout the map with PUBG Mobile Victor and fulfill opened missions as soon as possible! It’s fantastic to hunt rare items and more. Good luck!

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