How To Win In PUBG Mobile Infection Mode

About PUBG Mobile Infection Mode and how to conquer

We will introduce to you the top strategy that you can use during PUBG Mobile 0.14.0, specifically in Infection.

What is the Infection mode?

Before you take part in the match, here is the full explanation about PUBG Mobile Infected Mode.

What is the Infection Mode

Actually, the Infection mode is a zombie mode coming with PUBG Mobile 0.14.0. Different from previous creepy rooms, zombies will be navigated by players. It is a destination that is set in an abandoned harbor. There are a lot of buildings and structures that you can use to juke around and cover your body.

Hop into Infection Mode and you can experience 3 rounds in total with 3 minutes for each. At the beginning moment of a battle, a number of people will be chosen to be the undead at random. The trip will stop when the timer runs out or when Defenders or Zombies are eliminated all.



Defenders will be an important resource in PUBG Mobile Infected Mode guide.

Defenders will be supplied with 660 bullets and two fully-attached Assault Rifles. They will be turned into the walking dead if they are bitten or grabbed. But, the last 3 alive Defenders will evolve into Vanquishers. These upgraded variants will own much more health and they wield machetes. They can cause heavier damage in one hit and they are capable of performing a larger cleave swing. If Vanquishers kill Zombies, they cannot spawn again.


We have passed one of the most crucial entries amongst PUBG Mobile Infected Mode tips. Here is the information about the living dead.

There are 3 zombie types in Infection. They are Speed, Stealth, and King. You will belong to their faction and be a Speed zombie at the initial period of a round or when you are captured. After a zombie player is defeated by a Defender, it can opt to transform into a Speed or Stealth zombie when they respawn. To be a King zombie, try to spread the virus to 2 men and/ or gain Boosters (3 if you have been infected by other players) to convert into that form. A Zombie King will possess high health and it can boost the defense of nearby zombie.

  • Speed zombie: It is fast and it can increase the speed for a short time.
  • Stealth zombie: It can turn invisible whenever. Be careful!
  • King zombie: They are slow and do more damage to Vanquishers. They can enhance the defending possibility of allies within reach.

The Lost Harbor map

The Lost Harbor map

Lost Harbor is the name of the playground. It is also necessary for you if you are digging deeper into tips & strategies for PUBG Mobile Infection.

It is very small. If you’d like to defend your Defenders effectively, do not forget to study 3 choke points! They are really useful for Defenders to survive longer or clear more enemies. Additionally, do not stay too close to other players when the combat has been launched and while you are hiding in these spots because they can be selected to hunt you.


Tactics will be split into three phases to make how to play and win Infection Mode in PUBG Mobile easier to finish.


Please position yourself at a choke point and keep away from other participants or plan ahead a way to escape due to their will be an opportunity that others nearby can seize to harm you!

Early game

Early game

Defenders: Choosing choke points in PUBG Mobile will be a great method to protect them. Approach the target region rapidly and shoot down as many corpses as possible! Your survival ability will be improved considerably. Headshots will help you win faster!

Early game

Zombies: They will chase Defenders and attempt to pass the infection. If you intend to push somebody into a choke point, you can call for more friends.

Late game

Here will be the ending fragment of tricks for PUBG Mobile Infected Mode guide.

Defenders: As usual, it is when there are only 3 Defenders left. They will develop into Vanquishers who does not move swiftly. Do not walk in a straight line! Remember to stick with buddies! You can decide on roaming around with springy rubber rings bar and rooftops instead of fighting and wait until you run out of time.

Late game

Zombies: Like Defenders, they are advised to travel around with their teammates. They can inhabit in the blue zone without taking any damage. It will be a big advantage to dominate.

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