New PUBG Mobile Map: Sanhok is out!

PUBG Mobile Sanhok is ready to discover!

PUBG Mobile Sanhok

Sanhok is considered the smallest playfield amongst the current PUBG Mobile maps. Therefore, you’d better prepare carefully for upcoming surprising experiences compared to the other places in-game.

What is Sanhok in PUBG Mobile?

Once you download PUBG Mobile the game, you will be able to check out a deserted island location where you can face the death constantly. It is called Sanhok with the whole area is only 4km by 4km.

Different from Vikendi in PUBG PC, it will include a series of lush jungles, ancient ruins, a big rivers system. Besides, you can find a lot of scenes that are ideal to hide and ambush.

Although it may be hard to get a footing, you can be helped. We will show you the basic instructions to play PUBG Mobile Sanhok. Remember to keep following!

PUBG Mobile Sanhok map guide

Come to PUBG Mobile and visit Sanhok – a Pacific island-inspired territory you will have the chance to show your skills without charge easily. While it is filled with military complexes and agricultural zones, it is known as a deathtrap. Actually, it’s around a quarter of the size of Miramar and the tiniest of Plunkbat’s maps. Don’t worry! You will be led with some PUBG Mobile tips and tricks below.

Where to drop in PUBG Mobile’s Sanhok map

Play the official PUBG Mobile Download and remember that named places should be where of the big gunfights, especially camps and the Bootcamp in the center of Sanhok. Do not ignore rural regions because they can be turned into a hotbed!

Dropping your character in clusters of unknown buildings of around 3 or 4 can allow you to get the most advantages. Watch over those who jump earlier than you!

Best spots for loot in PUBG Mobile Sanhok map

PUBG Mobile Sanhok has numerous destinations given a name to. They have the highest gathering of loot. They are:

  • Camp Alpha
  • Camp Bravo
  • Camp Charlie
  • Sahmee
  • Na Kham
  • Tambang
  • Ruins
  • Ha Tinh
  • Pai Nan
  • Ban Tai
  • Bootcamp
  • Quarry
  • Cave
  • Docks
  • Kampong
  • Lakawi
  • Bhan
  • Paradise Resort
  • Tat Mok
  • Khao
  • Mongnai

Dealing with Sanhok weather in PUBG

Dealing with Sanhok weather in PUBG

Another PUBG Mobile guide for Sanhok users will belong to how to solve troubles with the weather. It can change from sunny land to a damp and a dingy day. Moreover, it will have fog. These elements can be your benefits or work against you.

PUBG Mobile Sanhok Exclusive Weapons & Vehicles

Sanhok in PUBG Mobile Download will be equipped with unique loot, for instance, an Assault Rifle, Bulletproof vehicles. Besides, Flare Gun and the QBZ will be available in PUBG Mobile Update 0.8.0.

PUBG Mobile Sanhok is made up of 3 isles covered in tropical forests and separated by a winding river. Sanhok – an interactive map that promises to cause fierce matches. Are you willing to run into each other and engage in your battles? To support minimize the size of the app, Sanhok and Miramar are designed as distinctive downloads in the latest PUBG Mobile update. It’s time to head to the Matchmaking Menu, download the map, and engage in the Sanhok adventure!

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