PUBG Lite Patch Note on June 4, 2019

PUBG Lite Patch Note: June 4, 2019

Check out the cool PUBG Lite new update and dig deeper into its details from now on!

Developers of PUBG Lite download for PC game has released an important version. It is accessible since June 4, 2019. It is great because you will receive a lot of improvements related to gameplay environment and experience. Indeed, it is easy to discover another set of scenarios not existing in PUBG Lite for PC before.

List of changes in PUBG Lite Patch Note: June 4, 2019

Before you come back to the Lite PUBG Download, you can test the full collection here.


They play an important role in your matches.

  • Added QBZ to Sanhok
  • QBZ will take the place of SCAR-L in Sanhok only.


  • Aside from 2 additions to the armaments similar to extra tools for PUBG Lite Download for Android, you can witness the appearance of Rony in Sanhok.

Item Spawn Rate

  • It is increased, specifically in smaller houses on Sanhok.
Item Spawn Rate


You can see something modified in PUBG Lite for PC game.

  • About playable game modes, the development team added Duo Mode.
  • For GVoice, it gets a feature that allows you to interact with the teammate’s voice sound level.
Team Management
  • For Scope, the system has been altered. Therefore, the final used scope reticle will be saved without difficulty. It serves for Red Dot / Hologram / 2X / 3X. After ADS, the look and the color for the line of sight can be preserved as the last adjusted edition.

Bug Fixes

There are four problems mentioned and solved in PUBG Lite new update.

  • Fixed the trouble when you could teleport to another region in the playfield
  • Fixed the bug in which you or any characters would get stuck in the walls at the Paradise Resort, a location in Sanhok
  • Fixed the issue that it was impossible for survivors to manage the parachute movement after they opened the device
  • Fixed the matter where players could not sit in shallow waters when they were in Sanhok

We have shown the complete PUBG Lite Patch Note on June 4, 2019. DO not skip all of the latest PUBG Mobile Lite new updates! Especially, PUBG Mobile Lite has been kicked off in India with plenty of amazing features. Why don’t you choose to start your adventure with your favorite game and conquer its leaderboard by being the ultimate standing man right now? Have fun!

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