PUBG Lite Patch Notes #06 Introduces New Contents And A Developed System

Dear all PUBG Lite lovers,

It’s time for you to take a look at the PUBG Lite update Patch Note #06 for having a better grasp of new contents and system that were developed by the development team. They have made plenty of enhancements based on your feedback! Below here is the short summary of this patch note #06:

  • New Contents
    • A new weapon was added to the game – SRL
    • Two new Mirado-type vehicles were also included
  • New System: BP Reward Display
  • Other Updates
    • Tweaked balance of attachments
    • Release blank magazines after reloading weapons.
    • Addressed a problem in which the sound of the footstep of the other players is not clear.
    • Attached a brand new feature to the system menu. Now, the allies can be reported easily in the systems menu.
    • The items can be dragged even while the inventory is open in order to grow the item looting speed.

What’s new in PUBG Lite Patch Note #06

New Contents

SLR is a new weapon that was added to PUBG Lite

SLR is a new DMR-type weapon using 7.62MM ammo. It can dish out severe damage and possesses such a fast shooting speed. SLR can deliver more powerful performance in mid to long-range battles. By utilizing this new strong weapon, you will find it much easier to master mid to long range fights.

SLR is a new weapon

Added exclusive-Miramar new vehicles: MIRADO

In the Miramar map, you can easily find the new vehicle – Mirado. The dev team has attached both convertible and non-convertible Mirado in this update. This new one moves extremely fasts and you can easily use it to travel anywhere you want as well as enjoy the fast crazy speed ride at the same time. But, when you move on hilly landscapes, the vehicle will decelerate. If you want to experience the ride at high speed, you should try this vehicle on flat landscapes.

exclusive-Miramar new vehicles: MIRADO

New System: BP Reward Display

In this new update, the BP you get will be shown as you get through every stage. Therefore, you should try your hardest to survive more stages for more BP, then, you can use it to purchase more items.

BP Reward Display

Other Updates

Tweaked balance of attachments

Pistol and SMG attachments were combined together under the same category and the bullet loops for shotguns such as Win94 and Kar98K were also merged into one attachment. Players can loot items more conveniently and easily when the attachments were grouped and combined.

Release empty magazines after reloading the weapon

Some changes were made to better the gunplay animation and it will now look more realistic. By doing so, the empty magazines will release to the ground after reloading the weapons.

Release empty magazines

Addressed the problem in which the footstep sound of other players is unclear

The footstep volume was grown based on the players’ feedback. The footsteps sounds of the other players were reported to be too soft in the game. Therefore, the volume was tweaked to a level that would be suitable for balance in PUBG Lite in order to bring a smoother sound play to all players

The system menu now includes a new feature that allows players to report their teammates

Once the dev team has received requests from players, they made a decision on attaching a new report function to the former patch. Furthermore, this patch got upgraded with a brand new system that players can now use to report their teammates via the system menu.

The system menu teammates

Feel free to drag items while the inventory is not closed in order to grow the item looting speed

You can easily drag items when you try to loot items, and by doing so, you can get items very fast. You will be able to loot faster thanks to the upgraded system.

Bug Fixes in PUBG Lite


  • Addressed the problem of the item being spawned in the air.

Interaction Key

  • Made an optimization in order to make the object in the cross hair the initial one to react when key F is used.


  • Addressed the problem in which the footstep sound of other players is unclear and soft

Observer’s mode

  • Addressed the problem of an observer that could not see the player using a dynamic zoom.
  • Fixed the problem of an observer that could not spot the player holding one’s breath.


  • Fixed so players can take the screenshot (F12) on the result screen

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