PUBG Lite Released Open Beta Free!

Open Beta PUBG Lite

According to the development team, the Open Beta will launch PUBG Lite new maps and a game mode called Team Deathmatch. Currently, Open Beta PUBG Lite can be found and played in many countries.

PUBG Lite is a lighter version of PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds. After the early start in certain nations, developers determined to kick off Open Beta PUBG Lite in over 16 territories. In which, there are two important items related to:

  • Open Beta PUBG Lite release date (rolled out on August 8)
  • PUBG Lite 4v4 Mode (mentioned above)

The first name of PUBG Lite is PUBG Project Thai because it is reserved for testing in Thailand. However, it will not be restricted anymore. Actually, you can access PUBG Lite if you belong to the list of available regions without cost. But, it is still in Beta. So, you will encounter lots of issues. Do not forget to feedback!

Not only that, it is possible to play PUBG Mobile Lite India at the moment! Indeed, PUBG Mobile Lite has been released in that Southern Asian area.

It is essential to download PUBG Mobile Lite before you unleash its unique features!

Along with an amazing PUBG Mobile Lite in the collection, it contributes to upgrading the edition for mobile platforms significantly.

Get ready to engage in Open Beta for PUBG Lite and the cool PUBG Mobile Lite India now!

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