PUBG Mobile: 4 Perfect Throwable Weapons That Should Be In Your Backpack

You already know that PUBG Mobile features a wide range of weapons to use. It will be not good enough to get through all dangers in the Battleground by just using some strong guns loaded with ammunition and ample health supply. Therefore, you are recommended to try using some outstanding throwable weapons in PUBG Mobile game, and surely, they will help you a lot on your journey to victory. If you like them, please put them in your backpack!

Using throwable weapons will help you survive dangers in PUBG

There are four perfect throwables you have to place in your backpack:


Throwable Weapons Grenade

Grenade is known as one of the strongest throwables in PUBG Mobile. You are highly recommended to use it when you want to destroy a group of enemies. In the usual situations, when a squad is using shelter in a certain area, you can use the grenade to defeat more than one team member, which gives you enough time to prepare your attack then charge.

In case you are a solitary player, the grenades become useful for you when you are able to spot the area of the other player, however, you can’t take a clear shot. Players who got attacked by your grenade will suffer heavy damage, and its impact will give you an edge over your enemies.

Smoke Grenade

Throwable Weapon Smoke Grenade

Smoke Grenades are known as crucial items you should utilize when trying to get through a brutal attack by a certain foe. If you are in the squad mode, once using a smoke grenade, you can easily hide even if you are in an attempt to revive your fellow teammate. It will rescue you from possible attack by the charging opponents.

Even when you are alone, don’t worry, your movements can be hidden by some grenades as you attempt to search for a better hiding place when there are many enemies surrounding you.

Zombie Grenade

Throwable Weapon Zombie Grenade

The Zombie Grenade is known as one of the most powerful throwables and one of the newest additions in PUBG Mobile game. It was introduced by EvoGround in both its Zombie modes. You can use this kind of throwable to eliminate some zombies in one go.

This throwable has a drawback which is the impact. When you use it, you probably will make your teammates lose their health due to the explosion. Therefore, you should launch it towards the hoard of zombies and make sure it will be launched accurately.

Stun Grenade

Throwable Weapon Stun Grenade

Stun Grenade is regarded as one of the most underrated items. If your battle is in a city, then Stun Grenade can become one of the most crucial things you must carry. You can use it to block the vision of your target, then you and your team can attack the target.

The impact of the Stun Grenade on Zombies is another advantage that it has, which was already introduced with the latest update. Thanks to the Stun Grenades, you can decrease the speed of the Zombies, giving you enough time to recover your teammates or slay more of the dead.

PUBG Mobile: 4 Perfect Throwable Weapons That Should Be In Your Backpack
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