PUBG Mobile: Information About 3 New Zombie Types In Infection Mode

Details of 3 new Zombie types in PUBG Mobile Infection Mode

Uncover PUBG Mobile 0.14.0 with Infection Mode you and other people will undergo 3 rounds at the map called Lost Harbor. It is a quite small battlefield so every fray will become more exciting. You will have to focus more if you want to be the victor. Aside from that, you are recommended to pay attention to the ability, the way to fight and turn into the undead in Infection, a PUBG Mobile new game mode.

Zombie Species

If you are looking for something to explain about PUBG Mobile Infection Mode, you can find here to get ready to meet up with three kinds of corpses in Patch 0.14.0 Notes of PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds with mobile version: Speed, Stealth, and King.

  1. Speed Zombies
Speed Zombies
  • They are usual zombies infected with T-Virus.
  • If you are eliminated by a Defender, you can choose to switch to a Speed Zombie or a Stealth Zombie after you revive.
  • Speed Zombies are male forms in PUBG Mobile New Zombie Mode. They have no hair. They only wear pants. It is easy to see their tendon and inner muscle layers when looking at the body.
  • Speed Zombies can move fast and attack the rival by grabbing.
  • They are given a special skill which helps them sprint for a short time. It is fitting to ambush.
  1. Stealth Zombies
Stealth Zombies
  • They are the walking dead sorts that are destroyed by the human.
  • They are female creatures in PUBG Mobile game, wearing skirts and a red Gipsy-styled bandanna. They have the movement speed as same as the Speed Zombies.
  • Stealth Zombies will use their claws to capture the prey.
  • Although they are not allowed to accelerate in moving and attacking, they have a unique overcoat to stealth.
  1. King Zombies
King Zombies
  • You are a zombie, hit and get Booster scattered across PUBG Mobile Download or remove two Defenders.
  • King Zombies are bigger than Stealth Zombie and Speed Zombie.
  • Their speed is not high. They are slow.
  • But, in combat, they will inflict damage to Vanquishers more than what Stealth Zombie and Speed Zombie do.
  • They have not distinctive skills. However, they can increase the possibility to defend, HP of zombies nearby.


  • Zombies that are wiped out by Vanquishers cannot resurrect.
  • The human class quantity is less than Zombies party. They have two options, one Defender or one Vanquisher.


  • If you have followed the PUBG Mobile Infection Mode Guide, you will know that they begin as ordinary persons.
  • Weapons: They wield two Assault Rifles with 660 bullets.
  • If you are grabbed or bitten, they will be infected with T-Virus.


  • Vanquishers in Zombie Infection Mode belong to Human side.
  • They are warriors. Their outfit is different from what Defenders equip.
  • Tools: They will control a machete to deal with zombies. Compared to Defenders, these characters can launch hits quicker and the damage amount that they cause to the antagonist is also higher.

Hope you enjoyed!

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