Pubg Mobile Patch Notes 0.14.0 Introduces Zombie Infection Mode, New Character System, Features, And Bug Fixes

Here comes PUBG Mobile Patch Notes 0.14.0 with a wide range of features and major updates. This PUBG Mobile new update aims to fix a few popular bugs found in the game as well as refreshes the gameplay experience for all players by adding brand new features and upgrading some contents. Let’s have a look at the new PUBG Mobile Patch Notes now!

PUBG Mobile 0.14.0 new features

PUBG Mobile 0.14.0 New Features

In this PUBG Mobile official update, you will experience some new awesome features, such as:

  • Brand new Zombie mode – Infection Mode and a new map. You can play as Zombies!
  • Brand new character system – feel free to get access to more awesome skills and appearances.
  • New main menu theme – Pirate, together with the million-dollar Global Treasure Hunt!
  • Experience the PUBG Mobile Royale Pass Season 8 with famous items restocked.

Major updates in PUBG Mobile Patch Notes 0.14.0

PUBG Mobile Zombie Infection mode

  • This is regarded as an asymmetric PVP mode in which players are split into either Zombies or Defenders at the start of the battle.
  • Defenders are equipped with weapons, while Zombies are only able to use melee attacks to kill Defenders, and they can also use cooldowns to get an upper hand on Defenders. After being destroyed, Zombies can be resurrected, but the Defenders will change into Zombies if they get defeated.
  • The Zombies will win the match if all Defenders are infected, and the Defenders will become the winners if there is at least 1 Defender alive within the provided time.
  • Players are able to modify the Zombie form controls and quick chat.
  • Players can play Infection in room mode.

New Character System

  • The first new character that is free for all is Victor. In this PUBG update mobile, Victor can be collected from the Character under Workshop.
  • The skill of Victor will lessen SMG reload time. His skills are effective and useful in EvoGround, and they don’t have an influence on the balance in Classic mode.
  • Victor is armed with unique outfits, and the best one is the Legendary Conquest. You should try to gather materials and increase the level for more exclusive emotes and voices.
  • By taking part in matches, you can level up Victor. There are plenty of rewards for each level with a special reward called MVP Results Emote at level 10 (max). If you gain EXP after max level, you can obtain premium Character Crates with rare rewards.

Pirate Main Menu Theme and Global Treasure Hunt

  • Go find a lot of treasures throughout matches for hidden treasures. For reward redemption, you must gather gold, silver and bronze compasses.
  • Global Treasure Hunt
    • There are 4 stages you have to go through, and each of them has its own map. Each stage contains 7 levels, and each level has 2 missions.
    • If you finish 1 mission, you can unlock the mission crate.
    • If you finish at least 7 missions in a stage, you can unlock the stage crate.
    • If you finish all 56 missions, you will unlock the final reward.
    • Try to finish any mission of a stage so you can take part in the lucky draw and have a chance to win the PMCO travel fund. Each stage has 10 winners.

iOS Background download

  • Now, with this PUBG Mobile new update, the iOS users are able to change the app to the background while they are downloading the updates.

Android Resources Pack:

  • The size of the Android Installation package was lessened, but a new Resources Pac was added to Android. This includes several rarely used resources shown with a placeholder icon unless the Pack is completely downloaded.

Daily Mission System Update:

  • The number of missions was lessened and the rewards were upgraded.
  • Besides the Login Mission, Daily Missions are launched in a random way. You are able to change to other random missions 3 times a day.

Added Level V and rewards

  • The Level V and some awesome rewards were all included for some achievements in PUBG Mobile game.

Improvements and Bug fixes


  • Performance and Compatibility
    • Modified the iOS platform thread scheduling, decreased the power consumption and heating of several iOS devices.
    • Players can get on/off or drive vehicles more smoothly.
    • The shooting fluency was made better when lots of players go into the final circle.
    • Other players and Air Drops now appear in a smooth way.
    • Classic mode can work in a smooth way on some low-end devices now.
    • You can open backpacks much faster on some low-end devices.
    • You can collect items and equip them more quickly on some low-end devices.
    • In Team Deathmatch mode, you can now revive your teammates more smoothly.
    • The airstrike effects on low-end devices experienced an improvement.
  • The Inventory UI becomes more user-friendly from now on.
  • When the new outfit is in contrast with the currently equipped outfit, the old one will be unarmed, and the new one will be displayed.
  • Made an improvement to the shop visual in terms of new lightning effects, new background. Also, the camera Angle was modified and the display was highlighted for more depth and texture.
  • Made an improvement to armory visual! Now it will have a halo, customized scenes, and the display effect of weapons was strongly highlighted so they can look more realistic.
  • Portable Closet: When players don’t tap the icon anymore, the UI will be smashed. The “undo changes” icon was added to the game via this PUBG Mobile 0.14.0 update, so you can use it now to recover the former outfits with just one tap.
  • Lucky Spin and crate opening experience were upgraded.
  • The Rankings background was upgraded to fit the general visual.
  • Team and Friend interfaces also experienced improvement. You are now able to see the avatars of your friends on the main men. You will see the Friend button when the Team interface is expanded.
  • The Middle East server is now available in Crew Challenge for the people in that region.
  • Upgraded Shop/Supply visuals. Now, you can enjoy a new background, modified icon design, information display, and button locations. Make sure you note all of these PUBG Mobile changes.

Bug fixes

  • Climbing related bugs were all fixed.
  • A bug in which character models got trapped in buildings was fixed.
  • A bug in which Zombie got trapped in walls in Survival mode was fixed.
  • A bug in which linked social account was not able to change the avatars was fixed.
  • Already solved a problem in which Backpack models in the main menu were shown wrongly.
  • Already fixed a bug in which nicknames were put in the wrong place on the Clan page.

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