PUBG Mobile vs. PUBG Lite

If you are looking for features, changes of PUBG Mobile Lite and if you want to learn much more about the original PUBG Mobile, you can search for the answer below.

Number of participants

PUBG Mobile Lite is considered a lighter version of PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds (PUBG). However, it will not fall short when it shows gameplay and performance. Actually, it will make rounds get fiercer with how PUBG Mobile Lite has a smaller map which can contain up to 40 competitors. So, you are able to hope for a thrilling fight in PUBG Mobile Lite.

Meanwhile, PUBG Mobile is an official PUBG on Mobile. In which, 100 persons will parachute onto a distant 8×8 km island. When you have landed, you should collect weapons, vehicles, and supplies. They are useful to hunt down other people on a graphical playfield. PUBG Mobile offers a dangerous area that can shrink and forces everybody into a cramped fighting ring. Always prepare to loot and defend yourself to become the last standing man!

Game Modes

Like PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds, you will be thrown into an intense battle and you must survive to win. For those who are new, they can feel anxious. Thus, Tencent added two practice modes to PUBG Mobile game. One of them is set in a small-scale region. But, the iOS version does not receive those. Aside from Regular, you can explore the Training Grounds and Arcade. You will have the chance to improve your skills. Tencent also promises that Arcade mode will allow you to select from 6 weapon options, including shotguns, sniper rifles, all weapons, melee, pistols, and item heaven. It is a part of the training.

Currently, PUBG Mobile Lite game only has two main modes: TPP and FPP. Hence, it is not as diverse as PUBG Mobile.


The map area of PUBG Mobile Lite game is minimized more than PUBG Mobile. You have seemed to discover a mini version of Erangel. That will enhance the performance of smartphones a lot because it is regarded as a section which consumes the most resource of the game.


If we compare the existing element of two PUBG games, we can realize that PUBG Mobile Lite is tweaked a little. In fact, people who own mid-range phones cannot recognize much of a change due to the device’s ability to play on PUBG Mobile is difficult to expose the full graphic aspect.


PUBG Mobile Lite soon demonstrates its strength. In reality, the free space of PUBG Mobile Lite is much less than the original when it accounts for 380MB. If you are interested in the growing capacity of PUBG Mobile game, the PUBG Mobile Lite version is completely a perfect choice for you. Wish PUBG Mobile will quickly end the testing process and players all over the world can have fun with its challenges comfortably!

PUBG Mobile vs. PUBG Lite
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