PUBG PC Season 4 Released: More Awesome Rewards, Erangel Update, Gameplay Changes And Full Patch Notes

PUBG PC Season 4 details are finally unveiled! Come to explore it now to keep yourself updated with a wide range of new changes and features made to PUBG PC gameplay. This is the new season PUBG PC proudly bringing new gameplay updates together with the new Survivor Pass packed with missions and rewards for all players to master to enrich their experience. Are you ready to make your Battle Royale game more fascinating?

PUBG PC Season 4 is released with the best updates to PUBG so far

Erangel Visual Update

PUBG Erangel in this season 4 update is completed upgraded with a major change in terms of visuals as well as a wide range of terrains. Below here are the now-and-before images of those terrains and visuals.

Military Base

Military Base

Mylta Power

Mylta Power







Multiple terrains modifications

Multiple terrains modifications
  • The current terrain, signage, and buildings have been strongly updated. In addition, there was a small number of buildings added to some terrains too.
  • Already added terrain elements and revised them a bit in order to make the history of Erangel much better.
Multiple terrains modifications
  • Added trenches, blast marks, and camo nets all over many places of the map.
Multiple terrains modifications
  • Barriers were also added along the shore in several places.

PUBG Survivor Pass 4: Aftermath

PUBG Survivor Pass 4: Aftermath

There are more than 100 prizes with plenty of missions brought to the players by this Survivor Pass 4: AFTERMATH in PUBG PC Season 4. The new pass will take place for 12 weeks, from July 24 to October 16.

  • Players spend their BP on changing missions more than before.
  • Some missions require teamwork to complete.
  • You can buy level-up items in 5, 20, 30, and 50 level amounts in the store of PUBG PC game.

Co-op mission system Co-Op

Co-op mission system Co-Op
  • Players can work together to get all the missions completed.
  • With the mission progression gauge, players can check each step and track their progression.
  • Survivor Pass contains 5 stages in total. Finishing 5 stages will get special prizes.

Mission change system improvement

  • You can swap the missions free for three times, but if you want more, just use your BP to swap them.
  • When three daily missions are completed, you can reset the missions using 1500 BP.
  • When a reward is unlocked, a prompt will pop up permitting you to proceed to the appearance tab by simply clicking the button in the popup.

General mission details

Schedules for the mission update:

  • Daily missions: at 7:00 PM (PDT) daily
  • Weekly missions: at 7:00 PM every Wednesday (PDT).
  • You can finish Premium, Season and Challenge missions during PUBG Season 4.

Premium Missions are the extra missions for the ones who bought the Survivor Pass. Once they have finished a set of missions, you will earn rewards.

Season Missions are the missions players can take during PUBG Season 4. There are 5 mission sets (2 for free and 3 for the pass holders). Completing these mission sets will earn new rewards too.

Survival Title System Season 4

Survival Title System Season 4
  • Survival Title System Season 4 commences as soon as PUBG PC Update 4.1 reaches the live server.
  • All ranks will be reset.
  • You can level up your rank faster with three awesome PUBG maps: Erangel, Miramar, and Vikendi depending on the amount of time you spend on PUBG game.

New Gameplay Update

PUBG PC Update 4.1 unveils a wide range of updates in terms of weapon and item balance. In addition, this latest PUBG update also contains some new features.

Weapon & Item Balance Update


  • Grown the base damage of Kar98k from 75 to 79
  • Grown per pellet base damage of S12K from 22 to 24
  • Grown per pellet base damage of Sawed-off from 20 to 22
  • Grown per pellet base damage of S686 and S1897 from 24 to 26
  • Grown effective damage over distance for SMGs
  • Grown damage multipliers for SMGs a little bit: Torso 1.05 (previously 1.0), Limb 1.3 (previously 1.25)
  • Grown damage multipliers Crossbow: Torso 1.4 (previously 1.0), Limb 1.2 (previously 0.9)
  • Grown ADS zoom for default crossbow by 3%
  • There was a reduction in the laser sight attachment dispersion multiplier for the pistols from 0.5 to 0.3


  • Cut down the base damage of M24 from 79 to 75
  • Cut down the base damage of Beryl from 47 to 46
  • Cut down the base damage of AKM and Groza from 49 to 47
  • Cut down the base damage of M416, G36C, QBZ, SCAR-L, AUG from 43 to 41
  • The maximum bullet travel distance of the shotguns was also cut down from 1000m to 150m


  • Reworked duckbill attachment to dish out bullets in a vertical way rather than a horizontal way
  • Uzi now has the top rail to accept Red Dot and Holographic Sights attachments.

Vehicle balance update


  • The handling of vehicles got improved, including Buggy, Mirado, Rony, Motorbike, Snowbike, Snowmobile, Scooter, Tukshai.
  • Made update to the common and three-seater motorbikes stabilization.
  • There was a strong increase in the maximum speed of Scooter from 90 to 105 kph.
  • There was a strong enhancement for the handling of Buggy and the durability of the wheels of Buggy was improved by 50%.
  • The maximum speed of Buggy was grown from 92/115 to 100/125 kph (no boost/boost).
  • There was also an increase in the HP of UAZ from 900 to 1200.
  • There was a growth in HP of Tukshai from 500 to 1000, together with the max speed of Tukshai from 70 to 85.


  • Scaled down the HP of Mirado from 1000 to 900
  • Now, the in-game motorbikes will absorb around 50% more fuel than they used to.
  • Scaled down the acceleration and boost multiplayer rate for Dacia. No changes were made to the maximum speed.
  • Scaled down the speed of Dacia and Mirado vehicles by roughly 15% when players drive them on some surfaces such as mud, sand, grass, and dirt.
  • The friction of the vehicle will be cut down by 10% when players drive on the rocky surface. Due to this, players will find it much harder to control the vehicle.
  • Adjusted the damage for BRDM-2 for each game mode: The damage taken in Solo mode was grown by 80% and 40% in Duo mode.


  • Made a change to the new Buggy and Mirado sounds.
  • Eliminated the visual effect while using a boost and it is now replaced with high RPM engine sounds.
  • Made an improvement to aiming while sitting inside vehicles to make it steadier.
  • Made an improvement to the FPP camera view inside most vehicles.

New features

  • Vehicles are now armed with auto-acceleration. You can trigger the auto-acceleration by simply using key “=”.
  • Locking mechanism was also added to MRDM-2. Teammates are the only ones that can get into BRDM-2. When all of them leave the vehicle, it will unlock, which permits any player to get into.
  • Car Audio feature was added to PUBG PC in this season 4 and it can be used to play preset music while players are sitting inside a car.
  • Now, if you toggle the audio while you are inside a vehicle the random music will be played each time you do that.
  • To play or stop the music, press key F5. To change music, press key F6. To adjust the music volume, use the mouse wheel scroll.

Improved healing and boost item

  • While moving, players can utilize healing and boost items, but the walking speed will be limited.
  • Now, players can use bandages without ceasing until their health is refilled by 75% or when they have no bandages left.
  • First Aid kits will not heal the extra damage you take after the healing commences anymore.
  • Med Kits and Adrenaline Syringes will now pile up in the inventory instead of taking up one inventory space for each item held.

Improved visual effects

  • Made an optimization and revision to the visuals of Molotov Cocktail.
  • Made an optimization and improvement to the weapon and vehicle shaders.
  • Made an optimization and improvement to Frag Grenade explosion effects.
  • Made an optimization and made muzzle flash effects for every weapon different from each other.

Modified Radio Message Marker Distance

  • Already cut down the maximum range of automatic marker placement using Radio Messages from 500m to 300m.

Updated Alleviate FPS Influencing Rate of Fire

This is a serious and bad error that is very hard to fix. Now, the development team has carried out a solution to fix this error.

  • Improved the rate of fire of a weapon that is less affected by FPS.
  • Also made an improvement to the rate-of-fire consistency during the time of low FPS.

Erangel Blue Zone Balance Changes

  • There was a reduction in the size of the safe zone in the beginning phases of PUBG PC Season 4.
  • Already shortened the Blue Zone waiting time in the beginning and mid-game.
  • Also cut down the movement speed of the Blue Zone throughout the mid and late stages.
  • There was a reduction in the Blue Zone waiting time for the last phase.

Turntable now makes its debut on PUBG Erangel Map

Turntable now makes its debut on PUBG Erangel Map
  • There are lots of turntables appearing on Erangel randomly. You can toggle the music using the use key.
  • You can destroy the turntables easily.
  • All nearby players are able to hear music played on the Turntable.
  • After one song, the music will halt playing automatically.


  • Changed the character customize tab UI
  • Made some improvements to the store UI
  • Made some improvements to the weapon mastery UI
  • Modified the plane UI
  • Made an improvement to the wheel UI:
  • The size of the wheel has been cut down, and the location has been transferred from the middle to the right side of the screen.
    • Made an improvement to the wheel responsiveness.
    • Now the center of the wheel has the mouse direction indicator.
    • No more screen blurring effect around the wheel UI.
    • Altered the order of the items that are inside the healing wheel UI.
    • There was a reduction in the total emote wheel slots from 12 to 8.


There were some major changes made to matchmaking in PUBG PC new season 4:

AS, KR/JP, SEA, EU Regions

At the moment, the matchmaking system in PUBG PC game can work in these regions without any big problems. In these regions, the matchmaking system will mostly stay the same. But in some rare cases when players have to wait for a long period of time, they will see a pop-up window suggesting them to change to another mode or region for faster matchmaking.

AS, KR/JP, SEA, EU Regions

NA Region

Because some players have already experienced lengthy matchmaking times, the development team has made some changes to the map selection options together with several major changes to make the matchmaking times much better.

Added featured Map option and three Random Map options. After the Erangel visual update, the featured Map option was eliminated and players can now only get access to the Random Map options. In case they cannot find a match, a pop-up message will suggest them to change to another mode or region.

NA Region

Added preset matches so players can enter directly.

NA Region

OC, LATAM (SA) Regions

  • These regions have been undergoing a very serious influenced matchmaking experience.
  • Players can get access to the Random map selection to better the matchmaking times.
  • Players can choose random maps with the same chance among the 4 available.
  • If the matchmaking time takes too long because of a deficient matching pool, players will be prompted to change to another region or mode to have a faster matchmaking time.
  • If players experience lengthy matchmaking times due to an insufficient matching pool, a prompt will allow players to switch to another region or mode for a faster matchmaking time.

7, World

  • Based on the player feedback, there was a reduction in the chance of Moonlight weather on PUBG Vikendi map.
  • Some logos relating to the PUBG Nations Cup were added to the game.

Skins & Items

  • Introduced and added PUBG Nations Cup Pan to PUBG PC Season 4
  • PUBG Nations Cup Pan will be purchasable for 9.994 USD and available from July 31 to August 14.


  • Thanks to the map loading speed improvement, some elements like memory usage, map reloading speed, and the recoil have been much improved as well.
  • Also made an improvement to the calculation of the character movement outside the field of view of the player in order to better the performance.


  • Already made an update to the replay version. For the previous replay files, players cannot use them anymore.

Custom Match

  • Made an improvement to the observer UI in some areas such as killfeed, damage UI, team and player list, name layout and tags.

Bug Fixes

  • Made a solution to a problem where the map boundary collision could hinder the parachute from using.
  • Made a solution to a problem in which smoke grenades would be able to float above the ground in some particular cases.
  • Made a solution to a problem in which teammate UI was shown in an improper way in Platoon Mode custom matches.
  • Made a solution to a problem in which Care Packages would be able to fly outside of the playable zone.
  • Made a solution to a problem in which the accurate dropped area of Care Packages would be marked by utilizing markers with the Radio Message system while the package was still in the air.
  • Made a solution to a problem in which players would be able to get into the BRDM-2 at a higher speed than planned and they didn’t take any damage.
  • Made a solution to an issue that would make players take damage unintentionally when they got off of a vehicle in water.
  • Fixed a bug that would make the R1895 animation play on another weapon in some cases in FPP.
  • Fixed an error in which the Extended Quickdraw mag didn’t better the reload time in an appropriate way for the Tommy Gun and Vector.
  • Made a solution to an issue in which players could take damage from vehicles in some cases even though they were hiding behind walls.
  • Made a fix to a problem in which the reload animation would be canceled but it still permits a full reload when releasing other equipped weapons.
  • Made a solution to a problem in which some sounds from the other players could be heard when in the observing mode or when changing between allies.
  • Made a solution to a bug of missing empty shells when the AWM and M24 were being reloaded.
  • Made a fix to a problem in which the reloading sound from Scorpion and Deagle was much louder than the other handguns.

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