PUBG PUBG LITE Dev Letter: Sound Play Fixes In PUBG LITE

Dear all PUBG players,

Here comes another letter from the PUBG development team about the sound issue! Players have been experiencing some issues in terms of PUBG sounds, and now they are all fixed to better the experience for all gamers. Ever since the beginning of the Beta Test of PUBG Lite for PC, the team has put a lot of their effort into bringing the real action and wonderful gunplay experience to all players as close as they could to the first version – PUBG PC on Steam. The sound play is one of the crucial elements having an effect on the gameplay experience, which is why the PUBG Lite development team decided to rework it and try to make the PUBG Lite Sound Play the same as the one in the original version.

PUBG PUBG LITE Dev Letter: Sound Play Fixes In PUBG LITE

Ever since the starting of PUBG Lite PC download, the issues in relation to the sound have been commonly shared from the community. In this PUBG Lite dev letter, the team wanted to make the Sound Play more realistic to somewhat better the gameplay. As can be seen through some PUBG Lite Patch Notes, the sound issues have been worked on a lot through some efforts with several bug fixes and patch notes released.

The players’ feedback is a very crucial element to keep PUBG Lite developed through over time day by day. Based on the feedback, some methods were made to find the best solution to sound problems. Now, you can check out the PUBG Lite patch update revealed on July 18th to find out what items have been upgraded.

Sound Play fixes in PUBG Lite Patch Update July 18

Prioritized and emphasized the enhancement of footsteps

  • AS-IS: Players are able to listen to the sound in a faraway flight and they are unable to hear the sound of nearby footsteps.
  • TO-BE: Player can easily listen to the sound of nearby footsteps much better than before.

Upgraded and made the detailed volume control much better instead of every separate action

  • AS-IS: Running = Moving = Walking
    • All sound volumes of footstep were the same.
  • TO-BE: Running > Moving >>> Walking
    • Based on the style of movement, the sound volume will be different

With the upgrade mentioned above, players could feel the discrepancy between the sound play in the game. The sound play will continue receiving more improvement from the PUBG Lite Dev Team even after this patch update of the week. Similar to PUBG PC the original version, this PUBG Lite PC version also has an intention of making the gameplay experience more realistic to all players. Sound Play is one of the crucial elements to PUBG LITE, which was already mentioned above, and this is the reason why the dev team keeps working on it to upgrade and mend all the related issues.

The feedback of players is very necessary to upgrade the PUBG Lite’s development. The infinite support of players will be a big factor in helping PUBG LITE broaden the service to more other areas in the world. Never stop sending your precious feedback to the PUBG LITE dev team so the team can bring you the best gameplay experience!

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