Simple Steps To Gain Access To Custom Room In PUBG Mobile

If you are still wondering how to join the custom room in PUBG Mobile, you don’t need to worry anymore because, with the PUBG Mobile guide below, you will easily join it. After playing the game for a while as well as seeing some friends sharing their experience of playing in a custom room, you will want to try it, even just once. The guide here centers on the custom rooms and shows you how to join it and how to create one as well as invite more friends to come to play with you in the same room.

PUBG Mobile Custom Room

What is PUBG Mobile Custom Room about?

First, you need to have a good grasp of the definition of a PUBG Mobile Custom Room. Basically, a custom room is an individual room or a custom server. Only the people who are able to play will have the credentials for that private room. When a custom room is generated by somebody, the creator will use an exclusive password to protect that custom room. Besides the password, there is also an exclusive 5 digit Room ID which is discrepant for each room (see the image below). Two rooms cannot share the same ID!

What is PUBG Mobile Custom Room About?

Any player who has the correct PUBG Mobile Custom Room ID and Password will be able to enter the Custom Room that the Room ID and Password belongs to. If you want to engage in a custom room of anyone, you can follow some simple following steps.

How to create PUBG Mobile Custom Room in PUBG Mobile game for free

Step 1: Simply select the House Icon

Simply Select The House Icon

At the game home page, a small house icon on the left-hand side under the mode selection menu will appear. You just click on that small house icon.

Step 2: Now you will type the Room ID

Room ID

Once you have clicked that small house icon, you will see this on your screen. You can find a text area on the top left corner of the screen. From there, you will see “Enter Room ID”. Type your Room ID provided by the room creator then press the Enter button to proceed to the password.

Step 3: Type your Room Password

Room Password

After you have typed the Room ID in step 2, you will see a box that requires you to type the unique Room Password. Carefully input the password for the custom room given to you by the organizer or the creator of the room. Make sure you always keep the Room Password and the Room ID in your mind because if you don’t remember them, you will not be able to enter the room. The password for the room can be simple or complicated. Step 4: Now, you will engage in the slot assigned by the Organizer

Room Password

After you have accurately typed the PUBG Mobile Custom Room ID and Password, you will see stuff like the screenshot above. Up to 100 players or 25 squads are able to join a custom room. If there is a tournament, you will be assigned to some slots. You can call the slot as the team position too, for instance, Slot 1 = Team 1, Slot 2 = Team 2, etc. If you are assigned the Slot 3, you must double-tap on the empty space under the Team 3 heading.

You are strongly recommended to engage in only the slot assigned to you and the team by the organizer. If you engaged in the wrong slot, you will be denied to get access to the room by the admin, which means you must join the room again.

That’s all for the guide on how to create a custom room in PUBG mobile. If you are having difficulty in joining a custom room made by a certain person, you can follow the steps above then you will find it easy to join a room. Everything will be easy to solve!

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