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How to check the amount of L-COIN L-COIN is a brand new system that has been introduced to PUBG Lite on August 8th, 2019. Make sure you have a look at this cool system if you have a plan to buy some exclusive items with...

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PUBG Lite Patch Note Updated
PUBG Lite Update: August 8, 2019 Patch Note

PUBG Lite Patch Note updated on August 8, 2019 It's time to explore all the details of the new PUBG Lite PC Patch Note! New Contents They will introduce a completely different list of additions to PUBG Lite game including: A 4vs4 Match If you...

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Become A Primary Player
New PUBG Lite Event: Become A Primary Player

Become A Primary Player is currently the latest PUBG Lite event in which players can log in to become the primary players for getting unique rewards with amazing PUBG Lite contents. Players can also get access to a new care package system that will be...

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PUBG Lite: Revised Terms Of Service Valid
PUBG Lite: Revised Terms Of Service Valid From August 22, 2019

Make sure you explore all details about PUBG Lite Terms of Service updated on August 22, 2019. The PUBG Lite development team wants to let you know that they will be attaching and changing the criteria in relation to the Global Account in the Terms...

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