Use Softether VPN to play PUBG Lite PC

PUBG Lite PC is currently accessible in several Southeast Asian countries, including Thailand, Indonesia, Malaysia, Philippines, and Singapore. The gamers coming from other countries won’t be able to get access to the game. But if you are still into it and want to explore PUBG Lite on your own computer, you will have to use a program to fake IP and it is called SoftEtherVPN. The steps to download and install this program are so simple, let’s check them out now!

Download and Install PUBG Lite at here

Steps to download and use SoftEther VPN

Below here are the steps you can follow to download and install SoftEther VPN to play PUBG Lite:

Step 1: Look for SoftEther VPN on the Internet then click to download it. Or, you can download it here

Step 2: Extract the file and begin to install it. (Simply click Next during the process)

Step 3: Launch the program SoftEther VPN, double block on VPN Gate Public Replay Servers, then you will see a notification. After that, you simply press OK.

Program SoftEther VPN

VPN Gate Service Control Panel

Step 4: Now, a full list showing all VPN servers of many discrepant countries pops up on the screen. Simply choose on VPN, click Connect to the VPN Server, select Agree then click OK.

Connect to the VPN Server

Step 5: At this step, the VPN is totally connected. A phrase like this “VPN Gate Connection” will appear with a status “Connected” showed in the frame above whilst the frame below shows VPN Client Adapter – VPN. The SoftEther VPN has been successfully installed on your model and this means you also already faked IP.

VPN Client Adapter Connected

Once you have done installing SoftEther VPN as well as faking IP, feel free to jump into PUBG Lite and play it on your model. Have fun!

Use Softether VPN to play PUBG Lite PC
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